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Natural Language Generation is a technique that allows software systems to write articles. Once seen as merely robo-journalism, the true value of NLG is its ability to make data insights accessible across the organization and to provide personalized communication at scales only possible using automation.

What kinds of reports could your organization automate? Should you buy a commercial NLG solution or build your own? Our NLG report and prototype will teach you everything you need to know to apply the technique successfully.

NLG Report and Prototype

Natural Language Generation – Through NLG, computers take structured data and output human language narrative. Our report explains NLG conceptually and technically.

RoboRealtor – See NLG in action. Inspired by real estate sites, RoboRealtor takes the attributes of a hypothetical apartment and automatically generates listings.

Through our report and prototype, you’ll learn:

  • what NLG is and why it’s important
  • how to build an NLG system and roadblocks to avoid
  • who the key NLG vendors are and what they offer
  • where NLG will go in the future

Example NLG Applications

NLG has broad applications across industries, including:

  • E-Commerce – Product descriptions, personalized emails, product landing pages
  • Financial Services – Portfolio reports, AML Compliance reports, Fund & Stock Commentary
  • Media – Company earnings reports, hyperlocal weather reports, sports stories
  • Sensor and System Data – Preventative maitenance reports, system alerts, anomaly detection reports, personal health summaries on wearable technology
  • Business Intelligence – Sales reports, web traffic summaries, social media performance, accounting statements

Available Packages


You’ll understand what NLG is and what value it brings to your business

  • Short Report (PDF)

You’ll understand NLG deeply enough to incorporate it into your data strategy

  • Physical Report
  • Online Report & Prototype
    (10 Users)

You’ll have a guided tour of how NLG works to build your own system

  • Physical Report
  • Online Report & Prototype
    (10 Users)
  • 1 Hour Advising
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